Discover and immerse yourself in the beautifying hygiene elements of BerryC Premium Series. Infused with aloe vera & olive extract, with baby-like gentle caring accords, skin healing properties, elevates skin complexion and tone. Stabilized extraction of mucilaginous polysaccharide from aloe preserved its pure essence, embed with BerryC proprietary long term anti-pathogen blend substance, developing a unique combination of hygiene & beauty properties, giving efficiency of anti-aging, moisturizing, wrinkle relief, skin-soothing and at the same time it gives a long-lasting anti-pathogen layer on the skin.

Contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Olive Oil, Essential Oil, Vitamin A, B9, B12, C & E

An impeccable medley of floral and fruity scent; elevates the warm and friendly presence of yours among the crowds. Enhancing your mood with multi-layers of floral fragrances, helping you to calm the inner peace, achieve a zen state of mind, and without stress. Simply recharging from a fatigue day.

Giveaway Anti-Microbial Anti-Virus Skin Soothing Odour Relief Refreshing Scent Reduce Pore Size Rehydrates Skin Anti-Inflammation Wrinkle Relief Anti-Ageing Contains Multiple Vitamins


1. Shake well before use.

2. Dispense 2-3 pumps of foam hand sanitiser on palm hand.

3. Rub it around palm and back of the hand. Massage gently for 10 seconds.

4. Leave it to dry.

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