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  • Becky Oh, Malaysia
    Good size for handbags and love the subtle scent smell
    Becky Oh, Malaysia
  • Hamidah, Malaysia
    Thank you Tevo.. Great packaging... 😍 Excellent service by seller..
    Hamidah, Malaysia
  • Krul Hisham, Malaysia
    Fast delivery by seller. Nice packaging. Will repeat order.
    Krul Hisham, Malaysia
  • See Yan, Malaysia
    This is my fourth time purchase. Products are really satisfying.
    See Yan, Malaysia
  • Lisa Choo Leong Shan, Malaysia
    Super happy with my orders. Each items was bubble wrapped. No leaking whatsoever. Immediately repeat order today using's colleague's acc.
    Lisa Choo Leong Shan, Malaysia
  • It's easy to use 40ml and can carry anywhere I go. Will repeat order once finished 4 bottles.

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