Desperate times call for innovative measures. BerryC was born out of the global pandemic, when Malaysians were faced with Coronavirus for the very first time and had no idea what to do. An enemy that could not be seen, but has drastically affected people’s health and livelihood. The way we live has changed forever.

Realising we have sanitisation solutions that could keep people and places safe, we created BerryC sanitisers to safely and efficiently protect people, wherever they may be. We pivoted our entire team to work hard to make more sanitisers and hygiene products that protect for a longer period of time. And we couldn’t be more grateful for the positive response and knowing that we’re helping more people stay safe and sanitised.

Quality and consistency is at the heart of BerryC. We made sure our products go through international testing and certification to meet the highest standards - that of our customers. After all, BerryC products are used for babies, kids, adults and senior citizens. And almost everything that they own.

Our team is united in our passion to do our part to help enable better hygiene and skin care practices. We want to offer the world a nontoxic but just as effective way to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy and happy. We want to extend this protection and care to more people, through everyday products that have multiple functions. Products that work hard just like we do. Our first step is to unveil a whole new look for BerryC and our much-loved Sanitiser Spray, with the same great formula that helps people clean in a happier, healthier way.

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