We discovered majority brands available in the market are effective in killing microbes, but it is flammable, contains foul scent, potentially harmful to health and the environment. Consumers needs a quality, nice scent, genuine, and safe sanitizer for human & the environment, and that was how TEVO came up with "BerryC" idea. BerryC is established with the mission of shielding people, young children, old parents, and cute pets from harmful microbes.

The research & development project of BerryC was commenced in the early year 2015 and the formula was finalised by in-house chemist in end of year 2015. The formula was tested and certified by several reputable third-party labs such as SIRIM, SGS, Acumen, TUV, and others. Four series of products were introduced to the market under BerryC; however, the acceptance level of market was below average due to low awareness on how water-based sanitizer works against microbes. The team then re-organized the marketing structure, product, and brand positioning. At last, TEVO decided to remove existing series and re-introduce only one series to the market ( BerryC Sanitizer ) in the end of 2019.

In less than three months, BerryC achieved the small milestone of selling more than 100,000 bottles only in Malaysia. In spite of the achievement, the team hereby pledge that we will never stop to improve our knowledge, customer service, product quality and to provide safer products & living spaces to everyone.

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