BerryC Fogging Liquid

BerryC Fogging Liquid comes in the form of smoke, easily penetrates between furniture, air conditioning ducts, and difficult-to-reach areas, by ensuring that all area of the room, including walls and ceilings, are sterile to 99.99% of pathogens (according to lab test results).

Room : 50ml BerryC Fogging Liquid for 50m2
Car : 20ml BerryC Fogging Liquid

BerryC Fogging Steriliser


Voltage : ACC 110V/220,50-60Hz

Power : 1500W

Smoke output : 2000cu.ft/min

Spray distance : 3-5 meter

Preheating time : 3-5 minutes

Capacity : 100ml

Usage : Disinfection & purification on air

Application : Car, Home, Office & etc.


Kill 99.99% of Virus & Pathogen

Quick & easy application

Natural organic flower smell


Decompose Odour

Safe for skin, eyes & lung

Effective for large area

Reaching all difficult spots

99.99% Effective Against Pathogens

The results of the lab tested have been proved that the effectiveness of BerryC Fogging Liquid can kill up to 99.99% of pathogens with the recommended dosage. With the same active ingredients as BerryC Sanitiser Spray, it has proven to be effective at killing Coronavirus (according to lab results from Viroxy Lab, Malaysia).


Make sure no one stays in room during the application

Measure the room size, and prepare the appropriate dose of BerryC Fogging Liquid.

Turn on the air conditioner in the room/car (if you have) and close the door & window tightly.

It is recommended that only applicator is in the room during the processing time and be reminded to put the mask on during the application.

Start the fogging process from the deepest end of the room towards the exit.

Direct the smoke into the AC intake to clear the AC duct.

Leave the room closed for at least 15 minutes.

Open all doors and windows for 15 minutes.

The room is ready to use.

Step : Fogging Process

Plug in the electricity.

Pour BerryC Fogging Liquid & put the nozzle into the atomiser bottle.

Press the switch button to the WARM-UP and leave it for 3-5 mins (preheating) .

When the engine is hot, the GREEN light will Turn ON.

Setting time knock : Please set the time from 1-5 mins per your requirement.

Point the fog at the middle of the room & Turn OFF the power when it runs out

Step : Cleaning Process

Do the cleaning/flushing every time you finish fogging so that the nozzle, pump and heater does not get clogged.

Pour 20ml of clean water into the atomiser bottle and place the pump filter inside it.

Switch the button to the CLEAN to clean the machine.

Repeat the fogging until all the remaining smoke comes out & the water runs out (estimated 1-2 minutes).

Dry it & store it in the safe place.

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