BerryC Product : Frequently Asked Questions

1Why do you need BerryC?
  1. Active ingredient stays up to 28 DAYS with single spray and actively eliminate microbes
  2. BerryC is using the same ingredient ( QAC/Benzalkonium Chloride ) as Singapore National Environmental Agency and listed as effective against Corona Virus ( http://www.tinyurl.com/listofactiveingredient )
  3. Kill 99.99% of microbes ( Certified by 3rd party lab )
  4. Skin Safe, certified by SIRIM, and does not cause dryness like alcohol based sanitizer.
  5. Completely safe for human being and environment ( REACH certificate )
  6. Water-based formula, non-flammable, completely safe for car interior and home
  7. Non-corrosive formula
  8. Floral scent and refreshing
  9. Decompose organic odor by breaking down the microbes
  10. Contaminant repellent and reduce adherence of microbes.
2How QAC deactivate Coronavirus?
One of the main key ingredient in BerryC is QAC. But how does Quartenary Ammonium Compound (QAC) works ? Quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) are some of the most widely used disinfectant today because of their broad spectrum effectiveness. Quaternary ammonium compound work by denaturing the proteins of the bacterial or fungal cell, affecting the metabolic reactions of the cell and causing vital substances to leak out of the cell, causing death. Since QAC is a charged particle, QAC molecules are attracted and bound to anionic (negatively charged) surface. BerryC is using the same ingredient ( QAC/Benzalkonium Chloride ) as Singapore National Environmental Agency and listed as effective against Corona Virus
3How to become reseller?
Please contact +6018-2100 388 for the distribution pricing tier
4Is BerryC safe on skin?
BerryC formula is proven to be skin-safe by SIRIM. Furthermore, the formula also passed the human and environment safety test and obtain the REACH certificate. Therefore, it is completely safe to touch by human.
5Can we spray BerryC on Pet or Animal?
We do not recommend it because we do not have any data or tested on pet.
6What is BerryC NOT KKM number?
We focus on surface sanitising. Surface sanitising is not under personal care nor cosmetic, hence no KKM number required. Disinfectant products used for domestic purposes; disinfection of all types of surfaces or workspace, are classified as general consumer products. Therefore, the product is not regulated by NPRA.
7Can BerryC be used in car interior?
When you think of things you're constantly in contact with that could be littered with germs and bacteria, what comes to mind? Yes it's inside your car ! Here comes BerryC to the rescue ! BerryC keep your car interior protected from microbes and each spray can stays up to 28 DAYS ! The results are certified by 3rd party lab , and also the formula are proven to be low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) , toxic free and most importantly, safe for skin and this is proven by reputable labs !
8How we ensure the validity of BerryC against germ and microorganism ?
By using ATP Testing Meter ! Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells. An actual real environment test done by TEVO Japan shows that BerryC manage to lower down the value of organic material that could be harmful that surrounding our environment such as face mask, door knob and hand. ATP is measured in RLU (Relative Light Units), the greater the ATP (Microorganism) , the higher the RLU ! The test conducted prove that the validity of BerryC has been proven, so lets take action now and protect your love one with TEVO BerryC !
9How effective the QAC in BerryC?
Quaternary Sanitiser is effective between 150ppm to 400ppm. This test proved that BerryC contains a sufficient amount to sanitise various surfaces effectively!
Click here to watch QAC Test Result
10Can BerryC Sanitiser Spray be used in a spray gun?
Yes, BerryC Sanitiser Spray can be used in all kinds of cold foggers and mist spray guns. However, our product is not suitable for fogging machines which require heat to generate the fog.

eCommerce : Frequently Asked Questions

1When can I receive my order?
Customer in Peninsular Malaysia will receive the goods within 5 working days upon payment made.

As for customer in Sabah and Sarawak, it might take 7 to 10 working days.

There might have been some delay due to unforeseen circumstances. Please allow 3 to 7 additional working days on top of the original Service Level Agreement during Movement Order Control 3.0 period. We seek your kind understanding & cooperation.
2Will I get any update after placing an order?
Yes, you will receive an order notification from our system once payment is made. Tracking number will be sent to your mailbox once we update the tracking number in the system. Do not forget to check your junk mailbox too.
3 Which courier service do you use and how can I track my parcel?
We are using Airpak and Ninja Van courier services.

For Airpak , kindly visit BBB Express Tracking, key in the CN number, check the “I am not robot” box and click Search now.

For Ninja Van , kindly visit NinjaVan Tracking ,key in the CN number and click Track Parcel.

Feel free to contact the BerryC team at +6018-2100388 or eCommerce@tevocreations.com if you have any questions or further inquiries related to shipment status.
4My item is broken, leaked or damaged when I received it. What should I do?
Stay calm, kindly record an unboxing video or snap photos of damaged goods by using your mobile phone. Then, send the evidence to +6018-2100388 or eCommerce@tevocreations.com to file the complaint.

Rest assured, BerryC team will do 1 to 1 replacement for any damaged or missing goods. Kindly be reminded BerryC team will not entertain any complaint without supporting evidence.
5How much is the courier fee
The initial shipping fee for West Malaysia (Peninsular) is RM8 and for East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak) is RM15 . However, the courier fee is based on the parcel weight too.
6How do I place order if I am not based in Malaysia?
Kindly contact BerryC sales agent at +6018-2100388 or sales@tevocreations.com to place your order.
7Where and when can I pick up my parcel after selecting “Self Pick-up” option for my goods?
You may pick up your goods in the next 2 working days after placing the order. For example, you may come to pick up your goods on Wednesday if your order is placed on Monday. Please visit Tevo Creations Sdn Bhd for the location of the factory.

“Self-Pick Up” will be disabled for now due to MCO until further notice.
8What is BerryC Coin?
BerryC Coin is a customer loyalty program which system will award coins to registered buyers. Customers may then redeem the actual product by using BerryC Coin. Furthermore, we might include some merchandise into the list and let customers redeem it in the future.
9How many BerryC Coin am I getting for every RM1 is spent?
You will be awarded 10 BerryC Coins for every RM1 you spend on our website.
10How do I use BerryC Coin or redeem free product by using BerryC Coin?
You may choose to pay with BerryC Coin at the Checkout Page if you have sufficient BerryC Coin to redeem the goods.
11How much coin do I need to redeem each product?
Required BerryC Coin to redeem the goods will be displayed on Checkout Page.
12Why am I not getting any IBV point after purchasing goods on your website?
Unfortunately, BerryC team has zero control over the IBV point and we do not have the access to grant IBV point. All shop.com agents should contact shop.com management for the IBV point issue.
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