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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why you need Berry?
  1. Active ingredient stays up to 28 DAYS with single spray and actively eliminate microbes
  2. BerryC is using the same ingredient ( QAC/Benzalkonium Chloride ) as Singapore National Environmental Agency and listed as effective against Corona Virus ( http://www.tinyurl.com/listofactiveingredient )
  3. Kill 99.9% of microbes ( Certified by 3rd party lab )
  4. Skin Safe, certified by SIRIM, and does not cause dryness like alcohol based sanitizer.
  5. Completely safe for human being and environment ( REACH certificate )
  6. Water-based formula, non-flammable, completely safe for car interior and home
  7. Non-corrosive formula
  8. Floral scent and refreshing
  9. Decompose organic odor by breaking down the microbes
  10. Contaminant repellent and reduce adherence of microbes.
2How QAC deactivate Coronavirus?
One of the main key ingredient in BerryC is QAC. But how does Quartenary Ammonium Compound (QAC) works ? Quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) are some of the most widely used disinfectant today because of their broad spectrum effectiveness. Quaternary ammonium compound work by denaturing the proteins of the bacterial or fungal cell, affecting the metabolic reactions of the cell and causing vital substances to leak out of the cell, causing death. Since QAC is a charged particle, QAC molecules are attracted and bound to anionic (negatively charged) surface. BerryC is using the same ingredient ( QAC/Benzalkonium Chloride ) as Singapore National Environmental Agency and listed as effective against Corona Virus
3How to become reseller?
Please contact wa.me/60174726989 for distribution pricing tier
4How much is the shipping fee?
Curently we ship all over Malaysia using GDEX (RM1 shipping fee with the use of RM7 discount voucher min spent RM40 on Shopee)
5Is BerryC safe on skin?
BerryC formula is proven to be skin-safe by SIRIM. Furthermore, the formula also passed the human and environment safety test and obtain the REACH certificate. Therefore, it is completely safe to touch by human.
6Can we spray BerryC on Pet or Animal?
We do not recommend it because we do not have any data or tested on pet.
7What is BerryC NOT KKM number?
We focus on surface sanitizing,surface sanitizing is not under personal care nor cosmetic,hence no KKM number required. Disinfectant products used for domestic purposes; disinfection of all types of surfaces or workspace, are classified as general consumer products. Therefore, the product is not regulated by NPRA.
8Can BerryC be used in car interior?
When you think of things you're constantly in contact with that could be littered with germs and bacteria, what comes to mind? Yes it's inside your car ! Here comes BerryC to the rescue ! BerryC keep your car interior protected from microbes and each spray can stays up to 28 DAYS ! The results are certified by 3rd party lab , and also the formula are proven to be low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) , toxic free and most importantly, safe for skin and this is proven by reputable labs ! Get it now on Shopee and dont forget to claim RM7 off voucher* ! Shop Now : www.tinyurl.com/shopeeberryc
9How we ensure the validity of BerryC against germ and microorganism ?
By using ATP Testing Meter ! Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is present in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells. An actual real environment test done by TEVO Japan shows that BerryC manage to lower down the value of organic material that could be harmful that surrounding our environment such as face mask, door knob and hand. ATP is measured in RLU (Relative Light Units), the greater the ATP (Microorganism) , the higher the RLU ! The test conducted prove that the validity of Berryc has been proven, so lets take action now and protect your love one with TEVO BerryC !
10How effective the QAC in BerryC?
Quaternary Sanitizer is effective between 150ppm to 400ppm. This test proved that BerryC contains the sufficient amount to sanitize various surfaces effectively ! (https://www.instagram.com/p/B_g4hvTJ9Fw/)
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