BerryC is uniquely formulated based on objectives of Eliminates microbes, Protection, and Long lasting. It provides microbes-free, floral scent, and relaxing environment for daily lifestyle. BerryC lays an invisible protection layer on the applied surface which can decompose surrounding odour. In addition, BerryC provides sustainable 28 days advanced antimicrobial and long-term anti-fungi enhancement on sprayed surface. Lastly, the ingredient does not contain any toxic material and alcohol; thus, it is suitable for everyone and daily use.


The known issue for anti-bacteria and disinfectant products in the market is the active ingredient not able to remain on the sprayed surface and last for more than 1 hour. In other words, bacteria, germ, and virus regrow on the cleaned surface after a short period of time. BerryC can continuously eliminate pathogen up to 28 days with only one spray and the result is certified by 3rd party labs. Besides, the formula is also proven to be low Volatile organic compounds, toxic free, and skin safe by reputable labs like SIRIM, SGS, and Acumen.

Anti-Pathgeon (Bacteria, Virus, Disease)

BerryC Sanitiser Spray has integrated with anti microbial material registered with Europe Biocide Directive (98/8/EC) & US Enviromental Protection Agency. BerryC carries sustainable long term disinfectant last up to 28 days per application. For example, effective against below:

OrganismEffect of Organism
Staphylococcus aureus Common skin organism; associated with body odour, infections and food poisoning
Staphylococcus epidermisCommon skin organism; associated with body odour
Proteus vulgarisUrinary infections, ammonia in nappies
Escherichia coliFood poisoning
Listeria monocytogenesFood borne pathogen
Salmonella choleraesuisFood borne pathogen
Enterobacter cloacaeUrinary and respiratory infections
Klebsiella pneumoniaeUrinary and wound infections to pneumonia
Tricophyton mentagrophytesAthlete Fungi



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