Giveaway Protecting you in a happier, healthier way OUR PURPOSE HYGIENE.BEAUTY.CARE At BerryC, everything we do is rooted in our core values and our brand purpose. We believe that hygiene and personal protection does not have to be at the expense of our health, well being and the planet's good. We believe daily cleaning and daily hygiene can be a wonderful experience; uplifting even. We believe the world deserves a happier, healthier way to take care of themselves and their family.

Giveaway KNOWLEDGE COMMUNITY Knowledge is power, and great results can be achieved through education. We use our knowledge to help more people in more ways than ever. We don't just disinfect, we strive to protect our family and loved ones. Everything we do benefits the people and the community we live in. Our products are suitable for all. We leave no one behind. PROTECT OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU Values are the qualities we champion in our business, in ourselves. Values are our compass to guide our actions, behaviors, decision making and story. When people share the same values, we all grow the brand to be something we are all proud of.

Giveaway READ MORE BerryC Floor Clean & Coat OUR PRODUCT Floor Cleaner with Antimicrobial Coating A unique floor cleaner with antimicrobial coating and high-quality natural extracts in the solution to cleanse, sanitise your floor and offers total protection to your family.

Giveaway READ MORE BerryC Sanitiser Spray Multipurpose Sanitiser Spray with Long-Lasting Nano Film Protections BerryC is uniquely formulated based on objectives of Eliminates microbes, Protection, and Long lasting. It provides a microbes-free, floral scent, and relaxing environment for daily lifestyle.

Giveaway Read More BerryC Insect Repellent Protect Your Family from Mosquitoes BerryC Insect Repellent with specially formulated high-quality NATURAL Australian Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus Lavender Extract imported from Australia, suitable for repelling mosquitoes and insects in general.


The formula of BerryC is proven to below volatile organic compounds,
toxic free, and skin safe by reputable labs like SIRIM,SGC,ACUMEN and REACH.



  • Becky Oh, Malaysia
    Good size for handbags and love the subtle scent smell
    Becky Oh, Malaysia
  • Hamidah, Malaysia
    Thank you Tevo.. Great packaging... 😍 Excellent service by seller..
    Hamidah, Malaysia
  • Krul Hisham, Malaysia
    Fast delivery by seller. Nice packaging. Will repeat order.
    Krul Hisham, Malaysia
  • See Yan, Malaysia
    This is my fourth time purchase. Products are really satisfying.
    See Yan, Malaysia
  • Lisa Choo Leong Shan, Malaysia
    Super happy with my orders. Each items was bubble wrapped. No leaking whatsoever. Immediately repeat order today using's colleague's acc.
    Lisa Choo Leong Shan, Malaysia
  • It's easy to use 40ml and can carry anywhere I go. Will repeat order once finished 4 bottles.
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